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New Omega “James Bond” watch listing raises questions - James Bond Watches Blog omega james bond 2012 price

James Bond Watches Blog by Dell Deaton Home About Terms / Privacy Media Inquiries New Omega “James Bond” watch listing raises questions Sep 13 Personal Log Omega “James Bond” watch brand Ambassador page, September 12, 2012

Just over a week ago, the official Christie’s auction blog, Longitude , became the first authoritative source to positively identify any James Bond watch appearing in the upcoming 007 movie, Skyfall .

Omega corporate, however, continued to remain silent about screen-worn Skyfall model or models it had provided under product placement arrangement.

Then, as broke here first on this James Bond Watches Blog, Omega updated its “James Bond” watch brand “Ambassador” page yesterday. I Tweeted @bondwatches and commented upon that slightly further via Tumblr : We saw the addition of a new watch, one not previously associated with James Bond.

An Omega reference Seamaster Planet Ocean wristwatch , 42mm case — “steel on steel.” But Christie’s lists its screen-worn Skyfall Omega James Bond Seamaster Planet Ocean 42mm watch as “titanium.” (See Christie’s website , Sale 4314, “50 Years of James Bond: The Auction,” Lot 45.)


Backing up a bit, the Omega website doesn’t say its Seamaster Planet Ocean watch is a model worn by Daniel Craig as James Bond in Skyfall . It’s merely linked to from its “James Bond” Ambassador page, and includes on the watch spec page a “James Bond” association via drop-down menu for “Related Content.” Of course, that’s all the “Related Content” tells us on the 2201.50.00 spec page ; and that model definitely appeared on-screen in Quantum of Solace .

It also could be argued that we’re intended to see the Seamaster Planet Ocean watch as a James Bond licensed issue, as opposed to product placement .

Maybe. But, if so, it would be a radical departure from anything Omega has done in the past along those lines. Up until now, all “James Bond” and movie-specific licensed watches have been distinguished by overt 007-related icons readily discernible even when the timekeeper is worn. No evidence of that here.

How about James Bond wearing 2 different 42mm Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean wristwatches in Skyfall ? One stainless steel, one titanium. Again, I’m not aware of any Marketing Police who’d say that can’t be so. But how would that be explained in service to the plot? and without coming across as contrived?

Skyfall is a James Bond movie , after all — not a watch commercial .

Discussing this with a respected fellow researcher yesterday, he thought there significance in this line from the Christie’s listing:

… a unique piece specially made in Titanium for action scenes in  Skyfall

Emphasis on “action scenes.” So, in Skyfall , James Bond encounters something that his stainless steel Planet Ocean cannot handle, but his titanium Planet Ocean can ?

As someone who’s admired Ian Fleming’s direction that his Agent 007 change his personal watch for a mission-specific diver in the novel Live and Let Die (1954), and taken particular note of how this was implemented on-screen via Seiko for the St George’s scenes in For Your Eyes Only , I’ll keep an open mind.

But I’ve gotta think there’s risk of implying stainless somehow not up for the task with any such “necessitated” switch.

Another friend argued to me just this morning that all this may well be just a mistaken identification of materials. Or a type-o. Because “titanium” and “stainless steel” are so similarly spelled? Because associating titanium with a James Bond Omega watch for the first time ever wouldn’t raise an eyebrow with anyone anywhere?

Wow. If so, no one’s taking this seriously at all. If you and I have been reduced to proof-reading official announcements, the questions that would raise make anything here pale in comparison.

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omega james bond 2012 price

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omega deville quartz 1365 price Swatch Swatch Irony “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” YNS 402 James Bond watch, licensed 2002 (original photograph, ©2013 Dell Deaton, All Rights Reserved. USA)

If you’re interested in James Bond watches, the name “Swatch” likely brings “The James Bond Collection” of 2002 top-of-mind when starting to read this.

But that’s little more than the tip of its extensive and very important association with Agent 007. First, as a business entity, its website says:

Swatch Group is a diversified multinational holding company active in the manufacture and sale of finished watches, jewelry, watch movements and components. It is the world’s largest watchmaking group, and supplies nearly all the components required for the watches sold by its eighteen individual brands ….

In 2014, these brands include movie-bond watchmakers Hamilton and Omega , as well as Swatch wristwatches made by this business unit under its own name.

Swatch Group also owns ETA SA Manufacture Horlogère Suisse, a company that “develops and produces quartz, mechanical and Swatch watch movements,” per its website . In fact, a March 2012 article in Forbes India pegged ETA market share at 80 percent, stating that ETA movements were then being used to power million of newly-produced Swiss watches each year — both in and out of Swatch Group. These included watchmakers such as Breitling and TAG Heuer.

Writing further in this Forbes India piece, Rohin Dharmakumar summarizes a seminal change for the Swiss watchmaking industry as a whole. And one, in fact, that I have discussed at length as having played out in James Bond movie-watch choices real-time

[The] Swiss watch industry had historically been horizontally integrated with a dense and closely knit ecosystem in which “établisseurs” assembled, branded and sold watches made with components bought from various specialists.

That changed during the Swiss fightback to the Japanese quartz threat during the 1980s. On the verge of bankruptcy two of the largest watch makers — ASUAG and SSIH — merged to form a massive vertically integrated unit to fight the Japanese using economies of scale and their own cheap quartz watches. They did so based on a report created by the late Nicolas Hayek, who within a year ended up acquiring a controlling stake in the combined entity which would later be renamed as the Swatch Group.

The Swatch Group annual report for 2013 states that the company grew by 8.3% and “achieved gross sales of 8.817 billion Swiss francs, despite the extremely unfavorable exchange rates.”

Dell Deaton | July 4, 2014

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