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How to walk comfortably in Christian Louboutin Pigalle 120s

How to walk comfortably in Pigalles

Last week I noticed that a lot of people have been arriving at the site having Googled the phrase “how to walk comfortably in Pigalles” … even although I don’t think I’ve ever written anything on that particular subject. I aim to please, though, so if you’re one of those people, there’s something very important you need to know:

Pigalles aren’t designed for comfort.

They’re just not. Especially not the Pigalle 120, which is the highest version of the style. Even Christian Louboutin himself has admitted that comfort isn’t his top priority when designing footwear, which says it all, really:

“People say I am the king of painful shoes. I don’t want to create painful shoes, but it is not my job to create something comfortable. I try to make high heels as comfortable as they can be, but my priority is design, beauty and sexiness. I’m not against them, but comfort is not my focus.”

– Christian Louboutin

Now, regardless of how you feel about this, the fact remains that people don’t buy Louboutins because they’re comfortable. NO five inch stiletto is going to be truly “comfortable”, but that doesn’t mean you have to be in pain when you’re wearing them. If you want to be able to walk (relatively) comfortably in Pigalles, here’s my advice:

1. Size down

Pigalles run a half size to a full size large. What’s more, the steep angle created by the heel will make the foot slide forward, which means your toes get squashed into that narrow toebox: ouch. To avoid this, you need to make sure the shoe is as close a fit as possible, so the foot is held securely in place. Pigalles will generally “mold” to the foot with use, and while they shouldn’t stretch too much, sizing down also ensures that they won’t feel too large after a few wears. These are shoes that it’s best to try on in person before buying, if at all possible, but whatever you do, don’t size up or it’ll be really difficult to keep the shoes on your feet!

2. Don’t wear them with tights

In generally, tights/stockings can make high heels harder to walk in, purely because they make it very easy for the foot to slip out of the shoe. As I mentioned above, the Pigalle 120 has such a steep angle that your foot will want to slide forward anyway, and slippy hosiery will make that even worse. Wearing them with bare feet will help prevent this, but if you’re still having problems, you might want to consider adding gel insoles in the toe box: Foot Petals make these ones which go under the ball of the foot, but as the Pigalle has such a narrow toe, you may need to trim them to fit properly.

3. Practice, practice, practice

This tip really applies to all heels, not just the Pigalles, but even if you’re used to wearing very high heels, you’re probably going to walk to take these shoes for a few test runs before wearing them out of the house. They’re by no means the most difficult shoes to walk in, but they can take a bit of getting used to, so spend a bit of time walking around the house in them first.


Not all shoes will work for all people. If you’re really struggling to walk in this style, it could be time to start investigating other options: luckily there are plenty of them to choose from!

Do you own Christian Louboutin Pigalles? What are your tips for walking comfortably in them?



  • botas loucas class="comment-body">
    Anna says:

    I have wanted suede Pigalles for EVER, yet I could never even walk from the chair to the mirror in the shoe salon in Bergdorf’s – and that was in Pigalle 100! Very sad for me.

  • Emily Jayne says:

    I’d decided to treat myself to a pair last time I went to the USA (gotta love that exchange rate!) but when I tried them on they were so uncomfortable I just couldn’t bring myself to part with the cash! I was sooooo disappointed, but you’re right – I just don’t think all shoes are for all people
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    christian louboutin leather

    Saturday, April 16, 2011

    Waterbury, Conn. Youth Service System ensures lack of a dress doesn't prevent prom attendance

    Waterbury, Conn. Youth Service System ensures lack of a dress doesn't prevent prom attendance

    As Erica Raimo, 17, tried on her prom gown last Sunday in a dressing room, her mother, Natasha, couldn't wait for her to come out.

    "I never had a prom," she said anxiously, keeping an eye on the door.

    "So I always wanted her to be Cinderella."

    Unable to resist, the mother slipped into the dressing room.

    "Why are you crying, mom?" the Wilby High School student asked, as the two stepped out to look for a mirror.

    "You look so beautiful," Natasha said, dabbing her eyes. "You look so grown up."

    More than 50 local girls smiled, laughed and cried with the help of doting mothers and dozens of volunteers Sunday during the eighth annual Perfect Prom Project dress giveaway at Waterbury Youth Service System.

    The teens spent the afternoon searching through the racks for their own dream gown, accessories and shoes. To polish it off, students were also given flowers from O'Rourke and Birch Florist of Waterbury, jewelry donated by Heather Jones and makeup tips from Pam Sangster of Better Living LLC.

    Once the girls picked their favorite gown, volunteers used sewing machines donated by Adam's Tailor Shop to make alterations.

    "I've never met so many generous people. They just want to help you have the best night of your life," said Alyssa Hughes, 18, a senior at Kennedy High School, as her sister, Briana, 17, was fitted for her own dress nearby.

    "We weren't going to prom," Alyssa said, adding that times have been tough for her family. "I know I can't always be picky and say, 'Mom I want this,' and 'Mom I want that,' so this is amazing."

    Each girl had her pick from 300 designer gowns donated by Bridal & Formal Wear in Waterbury, Silver Lining Prom Dress Expo in Bridgeport, and Ragtime Boutique, Wedding Embassy and Great White Way Bridal Shop, all of Watertown.

    "It's worth it just to see their faces and know if we didn't do this, they wouldn't be attending prom," said Kathy Langdo, assistant finance director for WYSS. "It just makes you feel so good ... prom is an experience in life that shouldn't be missed."

    She said this is the largest year yet, with more dresses and more girls than ever before. This is also the first time the event has been held at the organization's new location at 83 Prospect St., she said.

    But all that may have been lost in the moment Sunday, as girl after girl came out of the dressing rooms glowing.

    "It really is a blessing," said Cynthia Davidson of Waterbury.

    She said her daughter, Tory, 17, will graduate this year from Waterbury Arts Magnet School. She'd already picked out a light blue, strapless dress and a matching clutch.

    "I thank them from the bottom of my heart," the mother said.

    "This is the big one for her, and (the dress) has really made a good push toward making it a fun prom night."

    Banana Republic Launches Signature Summer Dress Collection

    Banana Republic Launches Signature Summer Dress Collection

    "The collection was designed with the greatest of intentions: to fulfill every woman’s fantasy of opening a closet and discovering one dreamy dress after another – each a vision destined to dress life’s every occasion,” exclaimed Banana Republic creative director Simon Kneen (above). While I’m not sure that every one of the 70 styles in the retailer’s new dress line-up is so versatile that it could translate to life’s every occasion, there are certainly a number of on-trend, multi-functional styles.

    I previewed the full collection on a recent afternoon in the brand's Soho store and was surprised to see so many floor-length options. Banana Republic isn’t usually a brand I associate with eveningwear, but they have a number of maxi options this season that, as Kneen noted, can be worn from day-to-night. On trend in painterly florals, most of the billowy dresses, Kneen remarked, could easily be belted, worn with a floppy hat, a cropped jacket (he suggests denim), and flats by day, or worn with heels and jewelry to give them a dressier feel by night. When opting for a longer silhouette, Kneen suggests keeping jewelry to a minimum. He recommends either opting for one statement piece or a few stacked, delicate pieces.

    Kneen's favorite dress; the dress that sold out the day it hit the Soho store (far right)

    As for this season's inspiration, Kneen told me that "the collection was very much rainforest inspired," which made for an abundance of soft watercolor florals, ethnic prints, and neon pops of color. When asked for his favorite style of the season, however, Kneen pointed to one of the more understated white day dresses in the collection – an editor favorite at the event as well – saying that he loved it for its seasonless, versatile appeal. As for shoppers, I was told by one of the sales assistants that though the dresses just hit stores, the long bustier gown sold out the day it made its way into the Soho shop.

    The new dresses are now hitting all Banana Republic stores as well as online. The pieces range in price from $69.50 to $298 with the majority priced under $100.

    Vet's views: How can you tell a real 'service dog'?

    Vet's views: How can you tell a real 'service dog'?

    Imagine you're wheelchair bound, blind, autistic or suffer from a seizure disorder. Your dog has been trained for two to three years to help you handle your disability which can include everything from diabetes to PTSD in these days of advanced service dog training techniques. Yet when you try to enter a supermarket, the manager informs you your dog is not bags

    Now, that's not exactly legal. But it's not uncommon. And while most of this less-than-tolerant behavior is the unfortunate result of the kind of blithering ignorance that says dogs are dirty and bad for business, much of it is currently being stoked by those who would try to pass off their ill-behaved dogs as service dogs.
    chanel bags

    It's a commonplace enough scenario: A dog trainer, veterinarian, physician or psychologist is approached by the owner of a dog with a simple enough request: "Can you write something that says my pet is an assistance dog (or that I need one) so that I can take him x, y, or z place with me?"
    gucci bags

    Which would be wrong, of course. Not only is an individual veterinarian, trainer, physician or psychologist highly unlikely to be qualified to make an independent determination as to service dog status and/or need outside the framework of a multidisciplinary assistance pet program, but here's the obvious problem with this scenario: it's fraud.

    Unfortunately, fraud or not, it's increasingly common to see everyday dogs trained or not passed off as "service dogs." Which, in part, happens because privacy laws are in place to protect Americans with disabilities from getting badgered by shopkeepers and restaurateurs as to their specific need for an assistance animal. Because if they can't ask, any idiot can keep a so-called "service" pet as long as they have the gall to call him one.

    Sure, they're committing fraud. But that's the loophole: Even the cops can't ask to see proof of service pet status. And heres' the clincher: Even if they did it'd be hard to prove the dog was other that what its owner claimed it was. Now that the Internet abounds with sites that'll send you fake certification documents for a fee, all the less-than-scrupulous have to do is whip out a badge and have their pets don an orange vest.
    hermes bags

    Doubt that it happens? Then you're more gullible than I was when presented with the following recent scenarios:

    1. The gorgeous pointer I saw prancing through the airport last week with one of those fake-o service dog vests. Now, the dog may have been the real deal but the outfit said otherwise, seeing as I recognized it as hailing from one of those Internet scam sites that offers certification and its trappings for a fee.
    dior bags

    No, this was no service dog. I would almost bet my career on it.

    2. The client who asked how he might get his obese (and therefore over-the-weight-limit) miniature pinscher service dog-certified so he might take him on all his business trips. After explaining that the rules were in place to protect the truly needy and that veterinarians weren't in the habit of flouting the law, he relented and agreed to pursue the recommended weight loss solution, instead.
    coach bags

    3. The "service dog" I saw in the supermarket a few months ago. This purse-bound Yorkie was nothing if not the average oblivious totee owned by the ubiquitous Gucci-slave we all know and (do not) love. Which is why her chilly chastisement of the market manager's poor form in asking for her credentials impressed the entire line of folks behind her: "My husband's a lawyer!"
    prada bags

    4. This week's widely distributed Sun Sentinel article on the subject of service dog fraud:

    "Owners and trainers of service dogs are increasingly angry at pet owners who pass their animals off as service dogs by using phony credentials.
    chloe bags

    The impostors go to the Internet to buy vests, ID cards and certificates for their dogs. The deception allows their pets to live in restricted housing, accompany them inside restaurants and hotels or fly for free in airplane cabins rather than in cargo holds."
    dg bags

    So begins an unfortunately all-too-limited piece on a subject that deserves more traction than it currently gets. After all, service dog fakery is on the rise. Which can only mean two things:

    No 1.-Those who are truly disabled and require animals to perform specific functions are potentially getting short shrift from businesses who would reject their qualified patronage on the basis of their non-human accompaniments. This, because those with less-than-serviceable "service dogs" would pass off the behaviorally-challenged as representative of legitimate assistance dogdom.

    No. 2-Pet owners are increasingly unwilling to accept the status quo when it comes to where their pets are allowed to go. They demand equal access to airplanes, trains, public transportation, restaurants and other establishments. Unfortunately, some bad actors reject legal limitations on their pets' free access not by fighting the fundamental fairness of these laws ... but by thumbing their noses at legislation whenever loopholes beckon never mind the collateral damage.
    fendi bags

    Now, while No.1 would seem to take precedence in all conversations on the subject, can you blame me for raising No. 2? After all, it's the most reasonable explanation for why the trend towards service dog scams seems to be picking up steam.

    Yes, it only makes sense that service dog fraud would raise its ugly head in a society where dogs are relegated to the smallest parks and the crummiest beaches, banned from eateries and retail shopping venues and generally regarded as pariahs by the transportation industry.
    miu miu bags

    Clearly we need to promote greater access, safer travel and fairer laws for all pets, not just for service dogs. Because when the alternatives to service dogdom include not just dog-less dining but dodgy transportation and right-to-death legislation, it only makes sense that the public might revolt. Unfortunately, it also means that the ethically challenged and just plain ignorant will continue to exploit the law's inadequacies on the backs of the disabled.

    marc jacobs bags

    Gucci celebrate 90th anniversary

    Gucci celebrate 90th anniversary

    Some of the key new pieces from the exclusive 1921 collection.

    Italian label Gucci celebrate their 90th birthday this year with the introduction of the 1921 line exclusively online and in store from June.

    miu miu bags

    Featuring classic designs, remastered for a 2011 audience, one can expect to find an assortment of horse-bit chain handle totes, the famous ‘bamboo’ collection reworked as well as the traditional monogrammed luggage. Amongst the variety of accessories there are also a few key apparel items such as cashmere blend blazers, double breasted trench coats and horse-riding boots. As is the make up of the luxury brand, there is a definite equestrian feel to the exclusive collection catering for both men and women.
    marc jacobs bags

    The original Gucci artisans working away in 1921.

    Despite a lengthy duration of business, with both the expected peaks and troughs one experiences in such a volatile industry as this, Gucci has seen many phases throughout the years. Once the height of ’70s sophistication, the company became synonymous with staid fashions and an out of date aesthetic towards the end of the ’80s. It was not until the appointment of one Tom Ford some years later that the label reclaimed its desirable and somewhat sexy image. Profits subsequently sky-rocketed and the firm now own a staggering amount of fashion labels in their impressive umbrella of a portfolio.

    marni bags
    An example of some of Tom Ford's controversial work to 'sex up' the brand.

    It seems that by truly harnessing and consistently revamping the personification of what made you successful in the first place, in Gucci‘s case the ’70s, they can reap the rewards both in terms of industry credential and much needed business profits year after year. Long may they languish.
    oewe bags

    Cluster bomb claims against Gaddafi's forces

    Cluster bomb claims against Gaddafi's forces

    The New York-based campaign group, Human Rights Watch, has accused pro-government forces in Libya of using cluster bombs.

    discount cartier watches
    The New York-based campaign group, Human Rights Watch, has accused pro-government forces in Libya of using cluster bombs.

    The group says that one of its photographers saw three of the weapons explode over a residential area in the rebel-held western city of Misrata.
    replica cartier watches

    Steve Goose, Arms Division Director at Human Rights Watch, said it was appalling that Libya was using this weapon, especially in a residential area.
    rolex watches

    A Libyan government spokesman denied the reports.
    replica watches

    More than 100 countries have banned the use of cluster bombs, which, when ignited scatter small bomblets over a wide area.

    US President Barack Obama has said that despite the current 'military stalemate in Libya', he is confident that Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's days are numbered.
    replica watches sale

    What to watch in today's Michigan spring game

    What to watch in today's Michigan spring game

    Today at noon is the spring game at Michigan Stadium. Four months into new coach Brady Hoke's tenure, it's the public's first chance -- and last until the season begins -- to see the Wolverines.

    replica breitling watches
    Here are a few things to watch:

    Denard Robinson's comfort at QB
    After one semester in Rich Rodriguez's system, we still saw Robinson's challenges in decision-making issues during his true freshman season. He gets only a little more time adapting to new offensive coordinator Al Borges' pro-style system but does have a full year of starting experience. While there are elements of comfort -- still some designed runs for him to use his speed -- watching him in the passing game will be interesting.

    Field-goal kicking
    When Hoke mentioned this week that four players still are competing for the job, that indicates no one has separated himself. True freshman Matt Wile arrives in the fall, but waiting on a freshman is a bit concerning.

    Running game
    Michigan is operating without a primary tailback, much like last season. Though Robinson was one of the nation's leading rushers, that won't be the case this year as his carries will be limited. Borges and Hoke would like to have a "bell cow" back if there is one. Sophomore Stephen Hopkins has been the most consistent and might be a step ahead, but Michael Cox, Vincent Smith, Fitz Toussaint and Michael Shaw are in the mix.
    omega watches

    While a scrimmage is difficult to evaluate one side against the other, if the defense can make the simple plays, the ones that so often led to explosive plays the past few seasons, it would be a sign of improvement. Solid tackling and limiting touchdowns will be curious indicators. Keep in mind that projected starting corners Troy Woolfolk and J.T. Floyd are still recovering from injuries.

    discount omega watches
    It'll be interesting to see fan reaction to the new atmosphere, coaching staff and focus on toughness. It might be difficult for outsiders to view, but the culture and attitude have been as important to Hoke as anything since he took the job.

    replica omega watches
    Hoke said the conditions won't affect the plans for today's scrimmage elements. Yet to get an accurate read on players' progress and what they've absorbed the past few weeks, ideal weather would be helpful.

    cartier watches

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Top 3 Trendy Knee High Boots for Girls

    If we have been a sort of business who have been meddlesome in prohibited code new styles as great as engineer labels is most appropriate? Handbags have been positively great character as great as exaggerate a names of their designers, christian louboutin on sale though mostly come with cost tags implausible. Therefore, a preference of pattern is desirous so renouned to a normal customer. Mostly a lady contingency confirm a preference formed genuine bill, either to have a purse from Jimmy Choo, Kate Spade purse a singular, total opposite round diversion. It is similar to comparing the Payless shoe to the Jimmy Choo. chanel shoes sale There is only no some-more aged. It is to be believed which the loyal artist exceeds expectations. Singing similar to the veteran gives the single the limit of 5 years marketability whilst singing as the veteran gives we the lifetime of apply oneself. Even after genocide, their song creates an stroke, the stability force, the bequest is determined. It is an viewable preference to select singing as the veteran. tory burch shoes sale Therefore, review upon for the outspoken tips which will assistance we turn the single. Outspoken tips which will hopefully keep we upon the right singing career lane. Outspoken Tip # 1:Singing is the scholarship. It is not to be berated as simply singing. It requires we to assimilate the tools of your physique which will furnish which enchanting receptive to advice. It is needed which we know the reason because your voice sounds similar to which. What happens anatomically when we sing You can this conspicuous trend: a flourishing trees has been marked down, manolo blahnik sale some-more as well as some-more oil was burnt, as well as some-more as well as some-more CO dioxide( CO2) released was to get a normal warming of a meridian in a march of a final quarrel. Normally, a warmer meridian, thick as well as comfortable garments to be unwelcome. Though in being a incident is topsy-turvy. In a winters of new years, sheep as well as alternative comfortable wardrobe became renouned, as Ugg Boots, Ugg My favorites have been the little fantastic purchases of inapt gifts from group to women such as rape alarms, the dog basket, low fryer, earrings had for the lady most years never ears pierced as well as checked the male of suggestion, the lady her bra drawer prior to shopping her bra, Jimmy Choo shoes sale though had not beheld which he reviewed the single of their maternity bras! As the bard Jasper Gerard Telegraph records “Women outlay some-more time meditative about what group consider group outlay about bombard. A backing is done of brownish-red suede. Find a signature grip in a form of oxidized node during a tip. If it is ragged with a small black skirt as good as black boots, you’ll be certain to spin heads. Spice up your dusk demeanour with this bag of sharp-witted dusk. This bag measures 7 “by 4″ by 2 “and costs$ 1, 980. If we have been seeking for a in vogue demeanour during a oversized purchase Gucci Sigrid. This box has purify lines as good as a structured bag. Sigrid Gucci purchase distance obvious tanned hide black or white tall shimmer. There is an uneven a strap. A bag is sealed with steel closures as good as finish item. louboutin mens Although a asymmetry of a slot tips geometry it is not as good fashionable. complimented This bag has lots of respect. A purchase measures fifteen “W x 6″ H 1 “deep as good as costs$ most admires a grant as well as function of a time of hair Lu, additionally no longer disobedient, capable persue, a grant creates swell really fast. A hair Lu time additionally feels hair Ze easterly bent a top as well as quite thinks severely of to him. Beat during a my hair Ze easterly underneath a substructure of some-more altogether Chinese historiography believe.collections were from sources as different as a British army uniforms Christian Louboutin pumps as well as infrequent character desirous week end stations of a East Coast of a USA, similar to Cape Cod as well as Maine. A palm which guides a eye of most sailing events of a cons-admiral of a swift of garments, boots by Manolo Ralph, whose character is formed upon a classical appeal of competition is formed.
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